Structural Crack Repairs


Structural Crack Repairs

Stop Water Leakage

Crack repairs in concrete involve addressing and remedying fissures, fractures, or openings that occur in concrete structures due to various reasons like shrinkage, settlement, or structural stress. The repair process aims to restore structural integrity, prevent further deterioration, and enhance the longevity of the concrete.

The steps in crack repair typically involve:

Surface Preparation: Cleaning the crack to remove debris, loose concrete, and contaminants. This often involves using tools like wire brushes, air compressors, or pressure washers.

Crack Sealing or Filling: Applying specialized sealants or fillers into the crack to prevent moisture ingress, which can cause further damage. Depending on the crack width and depth, materials like epoxy, polyurethane sealants, or cementitious fillers may be used.

Reinforcement or Stitching: For wider or deeper cracks, methods like inserting dowels, pins, or steel reinforcements may be employed to structurally bridge the crack and prevent its widening.

Structural crack repairs in structural elements of a building such as columns, beams, slabs will be done after proper structural reverse analysis. Epoxy or semi epoxy type low viscosity adhesive liquids are used for crack filling by under gravity method or pressure injection. 

Stop water seeping through water tanks, retaining walls, lift well, basements etc


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