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Anchor Pullout Test

Comprehensive communication infrastructure provider with the resources to design implement and maintain structured cabling systems and equipment, we expertise to design and install WAN, LAN, and Cable TV.

Concrete Corrosion Repairs

Steel bars corrosion in columns / beams / slabs.

Beam Strengthening

Beam strengthening for shear failures / Bending failures
Increase beam depth / width

Foundation Strengthening with Chemical Anchoring

Enlarge of existing foundation with chemical anchoring.

Concrete Core Drilling

Core drilling in slabs, beams, columns diameter 25mm to 300mm.
Introduce new service lines.

Core Sample Testing

Taking core samples and testing in laboratory for compressive strength.

Column Strengthening

Increase column size
Increase column load capacity

Concrete Crack Repairs

Slab/ Beam / Column Structural crack repairs with epoxy repairs with epoxy resin injection.

Pressure Grouting for Soil Stabilization

Filling of cavities under the foundations.
Soil improvement with grouting
Filling gaps in sheet piles to avoid water seeping

Rock Anchoring

Rock anchoring for Tower foundations / Building Foundations with grout or epoxy.
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