ITH 585 Pure Epoxy Resin

Designed especially for the anchoring of threaded rods, reinforcing bars or internally threaded rod sleeves into concrete as well as solid masonry.

The size guide is available in the description below.

Specifications are available upon customer request only.




The ITH EPOXE is a 2- component resin mortar based on a pure epoxy and will be delivered in an exclusive 2-C cartridge system. This high performance product may be used in combination with a hand, battery- or pneumatic tool and a static mixer ISL EPOX(e).

Based on the excellent standing behavior the usability in combination with a special plastic sleeve in hollow material is given. The ITH EPOXE is characterized, by a huge range of applications with an installation temperature from +5°C and a service temperature up to 72°C as well as by high chemical resistance for applications in extreme ambiences e.g. in swimming pools (Chlorine) or closeness to the sea (salt).The wide range of certificates and approvals, allows nearly every application.